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Wisconsin Mobile Canning and Illinois Mobile Canning done differently

10 MARCH 2019

Our counter pressure filler allows us to offer a different alternative from our competition for filling your valuable liquid. All other mobile canners in the area use open air fillers. Our canning line is different and allows for much better control of fills and oxygen pick-up.

During counter pressure filling the following steps happen:

1. The fill head comes down and creates a seal around the can.

2. Carbon Dioxide is flushed through the can, multiple flushes happen in under 1 second.

3. Beer is filled into the pressurized can while carbon dioxide flows out of the can.

4. A valve is open to relieve pressure in the can prior to removing the fill head.

5. The fill head retracts for the cans to advance to the seaming station.

This system provides what we believe is the best filling process for your beverage to ensure that oxygen pick-up in your beer is minimized. Your beverage quality is very important to us, and we know that our filler will out perform any open air filler in regards to oxygen pick-up.

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