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From taproom to can: Mobile canner helps craft beverage producers develop packaging strategies.

Mobile canning is a great option for breweries considering purchasing a canning line but want to test the waters first. With mobile canning, breweries can try canning their beer without the commitment and expense of purchasing and installing a canning line. This allows them to test the market and see how well their beer sells in cans before making a larger investment.

Additionally, mobile canning is a flexible option for breweries that may have limited space or resources. A canning line can take up a significant amount of space and require a significant investment in equipment and labor. With mobile canning, the canning equipment is brought to the brewery on a per-use basis, eliminating the need for permanent installation and reducing the overall cost.

Furthermore, mobile canning also provides an opportunity for breweries to experiment with different can sizes and designs without committing to large quantities of cans. This allows them to find what works best for them and their customers before investing in a large canning line. With mobile canning, breweries can also test various packaging options and designs, which can help them in creating an effective packaging strategy and ultimately increase the sales of their beer. Through this experimentation, a brewery can determine if/when they will need a canning line, the right capacity for their canning line, and their staffing needs/expertise to be able to operate a canning line. The right mobile canning partner will work with you to help you understand these needs and can help you understand your fixed and variable costs as you evaluate your canning options. WilCraft Can is that mobile canning partner.

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