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  • Standard diameter (211): 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 19.2 oz

  • Sleek diameters (205): 12 oz, 10 oz, 8.4 oz

  • Other sizes, let us know and we will see what we can do for you.


  • We are able to can higher carb volume products than any open air filler in the market. If you want a carb volume of 2.9 or 3, we are able to can it. If you want to can a seltzer or a carbonated soda in the 3’s - we have you covered.

  • If your beer is warmer, we are able to can it. (We have canned 70F beer at a 2.4 carb volume, it can be done, it makes for a longer day - but we can do it)

  • Virtually no low fills: We regularly have entire runs without producing a low fill. They can happen, but it is a very rare occurrence and it is normally caused by our line not having enough CO2 or air pressure

  • Able to run 100 plus cases per hour. With the right products, we can hit 150 cases per hour.

  • Canning from Kegs: 1 keg or 100 kegs, we have you covered. We have designed a unique keg arm system that allows us to can from kegs without having to stop for keg changes and being able to still run our canning line at our usual rate of operation.



  • We are able to apply PSA labels to your cans directly in-line with our filling line.

  • We can handle pre-prints and sleeves as well.

  • We can also cover all your canning packaging material needs and we bring these with us on canning day, so you don’t need to worry about receiving and storing raw materials - and the extensive damage that can happen from LTL shipping cans.

  • 12 oz brite cans, 16 oz brite cans, 19.2 oz brite cans, 12 oz sleek cans

  • B64 silver can ends

  • High wall case flats

  • Paktechs (we stock white and black, but we can also get special order colors).

  • Labels (we work with a label printer, but we can take care of getting your labels ordered and making sure they are there on canning day)


  • We provide a full quality report at the end of every run

  • We have an ATP meter that we use to test our fill heads for cleanliness after our hot water rinse.

  • We do a fully destructive seam test, and we record the readings in the quality report

  • We check all our key quality parameters before putting any precious liquid in a can.

  • We record fill weights, and we make sure your fill weights meet NIST requirements. Don’t know about the NIST? Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss this.

  • We have a Hach Orbisphere on each of our trucks. We test DO’s, shaken DO’s, and calculate TPO’s for any product variety that is over 100 cases.

  • Are you short on tank capacity? If your product is mostly water and concentrate (up to 30%) we have a solution for you. Say you want to make a rum and cola and a rum and diet cola all you need to do is put a pre-mix of the soda syrup and the rum in a corny keg and we are able to dose this pre-mix into a can and add the carbonated water to the top of the can. At this point we are only able to carbonate water or a water/alcohol pre-mix. This solution allows you to quickly swap out your RTD beverages without having to tie up a lot of tank capacity

  • Reach out to learn more about what our Can Crafted Technologies® can do for you.


  • We are able to apply 3 lines of code to the bottom of the can. (You want a saying and the date, we can do that)

  • We are able to run a true CIP recirculation at temperatures up to 190F. We have a standard CIP procedure that we always follow. It is also documented who did each step of the CIP and when each step was completed.

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