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Wisconsin Mobile Canner Cans 900+ Cases in One Day

29 JULY 2019

Time is a limited resource for all of us, and we all wish we had more of it. I know a number of our brewery partners appreciate that they have more time for brewing their beer since they don't have to worry about packaging their own beer with a semi-automated/manual canning line. Last week, we canned 900 plus cases in one day for one of our brewery partners. This would normally take two days for other mobile canners and for breweries running a semi-automatic line this would take over 1 week.

WilCraft Can provides the automated filling/seaming equipment, Depalletizer, and Labeler to limit the resources needed for canning. WilCraft Can provides two employees who are responsible for unloading the line, setting up the line, and cleaning the line. During this 2 hour process the only thing we need from our brewery partner is access to the building and access to hot water and electricity. After we complete our CIP and seam check, we are ready to start canning.

During canning, WilCraft Can handles can depalletizing, filling, seaming, and labeling. We ask the brewery to provide 1-2 employees for applying rings, filling case flats, and stacking case flats. We are able to fill about 100 cases an hour (12 oz cans).

After your case count is completed, we will take care of clean-up and teardown of the line. Your brewery staff can focus on doing other work around the brewery and does not have to worry about clean-up and maintenance of the canning line. Also, no. need to worry about the canning line being in the way and taking up valuable brewery space on the days you are not canning.

Contact WilCraft Can to understand how the WilCraft Can difference can make a difference for you in operating your brewery more efficiently.

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