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Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan & Indiana Mobile Canner Open for Business

APRIL 2019

WilCraft Can is now up-and-running! So far we have filled hundreds of cases of beer and we have more on the schedule over the next few weeks. The maiden voyage was not without some hiccups but the WilCraft boys 30+ years of filling experience made it a success. And with minor tweaks the line is running like a top. Quality is job 1 and that is the WilCraft Can difference.

We are accepting new clients. Get on the calendar and let us save you time, money, space and product because we come directly to you with cans, best-in-class equipment and knowledgeable staff.

We take care of the canning so you can focus on making great beer, cider, seltzer, wine, soda, mead, kombucha – whatever the liquid may be!

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