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WilCraft Can is a mobile canner committed to quality

09 FEBRUARY 2019

At WilCraft Can, we are committed to providing a quality product. More than words, it is reason why we have carefully researched and invested in equipment to ensure we are providing our customers with the highest quality product. Here are some examples of these investments.

Ska Half Pint Depalletizer:

This unit automatically depalletizes cans. Resulting in less misfeeds to the filler and damage to the cans.

Codi Counter Pressure Filler:

This filler is one of the only canning lines that fills using a counter pressure filler that insures beer is being filled in a CO2 pressurized environment. The can is sealed, purged with CO2, then pressurized with CO2, then filled with your beverage. Using counter pressure filling provides extremely low oxygen pick-up during filling. Much less than an open air filler.

Codi Positive Code and Weigher:

This weighs every can and will reject any can that does not meet the specified weight range. It will also provide a report of all the can weights so our customers know exactly what was filled into each can.

Hach Orbisphere 3100:

This unit allows us to test dissolved oxygen and calculate Total Packaged Oxygen. We will make certain that after we can your product that the oxygen pick-up is minimized so it does not negatively impact the taste of your beer.

We know it’s important for a brewery to focus on their brewing. Packaging can be difficult work and we’ve taken the commitment to become the right, experienced team to professionally can your beer, with quality as an imperative.

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