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WilCraft Can has 30 plus years of filling experience

24 FEBRUARY 2019

WilCraft Can's operating team has 30 plus years of filling experience. You can trust us to be your beverage filling expert. We thoroughly understand the technical needs associated with filling and packaging your beverage. Our expertise in filling makes us the perfect partner for your mobile canning needs.

Our Chief Beer Engineer, Brad, has over 20 years experience in liquid filling and liquid packaging. He has designed and optimized liquid filling lines and has experience with every type of technology to put liquid into a container.

Our Chief Operations Officer, Sean, has over 13 years experience in filling pressurized aerosol containers and liquid containers. He has operated pilot scale filling lines, started up new high speed production filling lines, and optimized filling lines.

These members of our operating teams have worked as engineers for their entire careers, and they have a tremendous amount of experience in identifying the most efficient and effective way to put a great liquid into a great container.

With WilCraft Can you not only get a great filling line but you also get two operators with the technical know how and expertise to make sure your product is being packaged with the highest quality.

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