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WilCraft Can committed to supporting craft brewers

02 FEBRUARY 2019

At WilCraft Can, we are committed to supporting the craft beer community. We know it takes hard work, dedication, passion, and innovation for small and independent brewers to succeed. We honor those values because we share those same values. And we know that when locally owned businesses do well, it has the power to lift the entire community.

That’s why we were delighted when the Brewers Association announced the creation of a new seal exclusively for supporters of the independent U.S. craft brewing movement. The supporter seal—which emulates the independent craft brewer seal for U.S. craft breweries—is available to any champions of independent craft breweries.

More than a champion, our reason for being is to help small and independent brewers grow and succeed by letting them focus on making great beer and having us provide our expertise in great packaging.

We like to think of ourselves as beer community stakeholders, and the Brewer Association seals give businesses like ours and consumers ways to show support and promote the hard working independent craft brewers.

If you're an independent craft brewer, let's talk about how we can help you win with our mobile canning services.

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