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Mobile canning: your Accountant's best friend

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

22 FEBRUARY 2020

With it being tax time, and if you are like us, you are having lots of conversations with your Accountant. If you get a chance, ask them about fixed costs versus variable costs and what is better for your books. As a mobile canner we allow you to keep your canning costs as a variable cost, so you only pay for units you can. You don't have to worry about an expensive asset sitting on your books that you have to pay for whether you use it or not.

It doesn't matter whether you can 200,000 or 10,000 cans a month -- your variable costs are consistent and you don't have to worry about lack of volume having a significant impact on your cash flow. Also, you don't have to add extra staff on canning day since we bring the packaging experts to your site to make sure your package is of the highest quality.

What’s more, your valuable real estate is not being taken up by a canning line and packaging materials that you need to move around throughout the week so you can brew your beer. We take care of bringing the packaging materials with us and the only thing we leave behind at the end of the day is your delicious liquid in a great container.

From an accounting standpoint, if you are not canning multiple days a week, it is very hard to justify purchasing your own canning line. Also, if you purchase a slower speed/manual canning line so you are canning regularly, your labor variable costs will be significantly higher and your employees won't be able to focus on what you do well, brewing your delicious liquids.

Contact us to learn how we can help you keep your fixed costs low and control your variable costs so it is very clear what it costs you to package your product. You, your pocket book, your staff and even your Accountant will be glad you did!

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