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Mobile Canners are NOT all the same

10 DECEMBER 2020

Lately we have been hearing from new breweries that they have not considered or tried mobile canning, or worse have stopped using mobile canning due to bad experiences. Well, let us assure you that all mobile canners are not created equal!

Here is why you can have CONFIDENCE using WilCraft Can:


Mobile canners not showing up is unacceptable. You can count on us to be there when we say we will be there. Our scheduled runs are commitments. It’s as simple as that.


We move mountains to meet your needs. Brewery operations do not always go as planned. We will do our best to get you filled even if it is not when you thought the liquid will be ready. We also don’t use contracts. “Forging long term partnerships” is large-company-speak for locking customers into contracts. We don’t play that game, because that is often best for them, not for you. We intend to continue to earn your business by meeting or exceeding your expectations. Additionally, we have low MOQ’s so you never have to hesitate in getting scheduled.


It all starts with filling technology with our counter pressure filler. We can run a wider range of carb volumes and temperatures then an open air filler. Also, our filler controls total fill based on the volume of the can. The competition uses a timed orifice or conductive meter to control the total fill. When it comes to cutting edge technology we use the best there is. Other mobile canners use outdated technology that does not provide the best control for filling your product. Additionally we are able to can from kegs, providing another benefit that other mobile canners cannot do. When you ask what carb volume your beer needs to be at, we will tell you carb it how you want for the beer style and mouth feel, we will manage getting it in the can.


In addition to the quality fills our Codi line delivers, we always provide a quality report to our customers once the filling run is completed. We make sure that our product filling meets the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements pertaining to net contents compliance. The documentation we provide to our customers gives them an extra level of assurance that they are distributing compliant product, should they need to produce quality data as a result of a NIST finding in the field. In addition, we also have a Hach Orbisphere and offer DO testing to our customers (if you have more than 50 cases of a beer variant and your brewery has the space for our DO testing cart)


Having a clean machine is critical. Nobody wants to find out that their mobile canner contaminated their beer. WilCraft Can uses a true CIP where we continually flow our CIP solution through all the internals of our canning line. In addition, after our rinse cycle and prior to our sanitization cycle we swab our fill heads and test these in our ATP meter. This information is all documented within our quality report, so you can have confidence that our machine is clean.


This is not a hobby for us. Our operating team has more than 30 years of filling experience. You can trust us to be your beverage filling expert. We thoroughly understand the technical needs associated with filling and packaging your beverage. Our expertise in filling makes us the perfect partner for your mobile canning needs.

We also are able to manage your entire supply chain for packaging into cans. We can make sure you have all the needed materials on canning day, so you do not need to worry and spend your valuable time trying to source brite cans or hope that your labels will show up on time. WilCraft Can has you covered, and everything arrives with us on canning day (so you don’t need to worry about being in the brewery for an LTL shipment and having to deal with damaged cans from your LTL shipper)

In summary, if you have been wronged by a mobile canner or if you are unsure you can count on them, please give us the opportunity to show you what a best-in-class partner looks like to meet and exceed all your filling needs.

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