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Mobile Canner Key Partner for Craft Beverage Producers

Mobile canning has revolutionized our craft beer industry by making it easier for breweries to package and distribute their product. Traditional canning methods involve large and expensive equipment that can only be found at a brewery or you have to settle for a more manual canning line which ties up your valuable resources that could otherwise be brewing beer. With mobile canning, a canning line is brought directly to the brewery and the beer is canned on site. This allows for fresher beer and a more efficient canning process, as the beer doesn't have to be transported from the brewery to a separate canning facility.

The biggest advantage of mobile canning for breweries is the ability to reach a wider audience. With cans being more portable and convenient than bottles, beer can now be sold in more locations such as stadiums, music festivals and convenience stores. Additionally, cans offer better UV protection preventing the beer from getting light struck and keep the beer fresher for longer periods of time, making it possible to distribute beer to a wider geographic area. This can help breweries increase their revenue by reaching new customers and selling more beer.

Furthermore, mobile canning also provides an opportunity for breweries to showcase their brand and increase brand awareness. With the ability to print high-quality labels directly on the cans, breweries can easily create eye-catching designs that will stand out on store shelves. This can help breweries build a stronger brand identity and attract new customers. Mobile canning also allows for small batch and limited release canning, which can create a sense of exclusivity and increase demand for certain beers.

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