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Mobile Canner creates on demand sparkling water

21 OCTOBER 2019

Are you wondering what comes out of the end of that hose it is sparkling water. At WilCraft Can we have developed a cart that we can connect up to your water supply and instantaneously change this from still water to sparkling water. Our customers can then add a flavoring agent or we can just can sparkling water. This eliminates the need for a bright tank to carbonate your water. This carbonated water supply can then be pushed right into our filler bowl and into cans.

This carbonation system allows us to hit carb loads of 3.2 (we can go even higher with a higher CO2 pressure). We are then able to easily can this highly carbonated liquid with our Codi Counter Pressure filler. This would not be remotely possible with an open air filler.

If you are interested in canning a product with a sparkling water base or with a high carb load, contact us to experience the WilCraft Can difference.

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