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Mobile Canner cans from kegs direct to cans

24 AUGUST 2019

Have you ever wanted to can just a few cases of a product to test it with your customers or sell through your tasting room? Well fear not! WilCraft Can has you covered. We are able to can any number of cases you would like directly from kegs so you don’t need to tie up a fermenter or a bright tank waiting for canning day. We start by canning your beer from your bright tank and then simply change over to can some of your other kegged beer.

Once we get your beer from your keg into our filling bowl, we fill it just like if we were hooked up directly to your bright tank. You simply supply the 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp connection from your keg plus carbon dioxide to push the beer and we use our beer hose and filler bowl to get your magical liquid into a great container. Voilà!

If you would like to learn more about what WilCraft Can can do for you, please contact us through the link on our home page and experience the WilCraft Can difference.

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