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Mobile canner allows you to carb your beer how you want

11 NOVEMBER 2019

I am surprised to find out that other mobile canners and canning line manufacturers are telling breweries how high to carb their beer. As a brewery you should have the ability to carb your beer as you see fit for the proper mouth feel and head formation. If you want a 2.8 carb you should be able to can your beer at a 2.8 carb. Thanks to our counter pressure filler from Codi we can can beer with a higher carb.

We might only request that you increase your temperature on future runs so we can get a nice cap on foam to keep your total packaged oxygen nice and low. Or we may ask you to decrease your temperature if the beer is a little too warm and we have to slow down to keep it from foaming over.

If you find yourself wanting a little more carbonation in your beer or if you have a high carb seltzer or soda, contact us at WilCraft Can to find out what we can do for you.

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