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Do you REALLY want to buy that canning line?

08 OCTOBER 2020

We will be first to say there is a right time for a brewery to buy their own canning line but the tipping point is usually when they are supporting weekly runs with a weekly output of ~1000 cases and it makes business sense.

Not producing at that level and still think it’s right for you?

1. Talk to your accountant, ask them about taking on an additional fixed cost and if this is right for you business.

2. Consider this - you are purchasing way more than just a canning line:

· Of course we start with the cost to buy or lease a canning line. This is no small decision and getting it wrong will at the worst jeopardize your beer quality and at best frustrate your staff. Besides cans/minute, there are many factors to consider to make sure the line will work for you and not the other way around.

· Next you will need 2-3 extra people to load empty cans, run the line efficiently and package on the back end. If you’re lucky you will have someone who can troubleshoot the line when it breaks down, but that experience costs extra.

· Related to this is maintenance and parts for the line when it breaks down. A broken line needs to be addressed immediately with the right expertise.

· You will need to dedicate space for the line and cans. For many breweries, space is a premium and should be reserved for expanding brewing operations.

· Speaking of cans, you will now need to manage the supply chain of cans, lids, labels, pak-techs, cartons, etc.

Getting this right takes a lot of time, and disruptions happen all the time. This is why you call us, the CANNING SPECIALISTS. This is what we do and why we exist - optimal specialization is our business. We know there is subtle complexity in even the most rote tasks, and the headaches they cause breweries.

Here’s why you hire us:

· Best Team: We have 30+ years of filling experience and engineering expertise · Best Operational know-how: Our crews specialize in running the canning line. It's what they do. We have put our 30 years of filling experience to building and training a best in class team with a focus on quality and customer service.

· Best Equipment: We use a Codi filler because it is the only mobile counter pressure filler in its class. This filler provides extremely low oxygen pick-up, consistent fills and minimum beer loss. Our customers expect a quality fill and the Codi filler delivers. We will never tell you what carb volume to carbonate your beverage to or discard your precious liquid if it warms up.

· Best Quality: We have a best-in-class CIP process and we always provide a quality report to our customers once the filling run is completed. We make sure that our product filling meets NIST net contents compliance. The documentation we provide to our customers gives them an extra level of assurance that they are distributing compliant product

· Best Offerings: Kegs to Cans, Hi Carb, DO testing, in-line dosing, Technical Consulting. You name it, we do it.

· Best Supply Chain management: we deal with all the headaches associated with making sure materials are there on canning day. From sourcing Brite cans, labels, special colored PakTechs. All you have to do is tell us what you want, and we will make sure we bring it. You don’t have to worry about tying up your valuable space at your brewery or dealing with LTL shippers and the damage that they inflict on your precious can pallets.

· You get the benefit of variable costs vs fixed: We allow you to keep your canning costs as a variable cost, so you only pay for units you can. You don't have to worry about an expensive asset sitting on your books that you have to pay for whether you use it or not.

WilCraft Can – the BEST Choice for canning

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