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Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan & Indiana Mobile Canner CIP's before and after canning


Most mobile canners claim to do a Clean-in-Place (CIP) process before they put your precious liquid through their machine, however these machines (1) cannot handle high temperatures, (2) cannot handle caustic solutions and (3) some do not offer recirculation. Thankfully the experts at Codi Manufacturing thought of all of this and offer a machine that can be CIP'd with caustic at high temperatures, and what’s more you can recirculate your CIP solutions past all the wetted surfaces on the machine. They even thought of adding a CIP screen that lets you set the time of your CIP cycle, so you know with confidence that you are following proper CIP procedure.

We are so confident that microbials don't stand a chance at surviving this harsh CIP environment that we prove it by testing our fill heads for ATP, microbial proteins, after our CIP. It is critical for us to be confident that our line is not a source of microbial contamination before we put your precious liquid through it. The capability of a Codi line to do true CIP is a big reason why we selected one for our mobile filling operations.

It is common practice in the food and beverage industry to recirculate cleaning agents through a CIP loop. The most common practice is a 15-20 minute high temperature caustic rinse, a high temperature water rinse and a sanitizer flush. These are accomplished by recirculating these agents through the process piping and using spray balls to recirculate the fluid that is in contact with all surfaces the surfaces that come in contact with your precious liquid. The FDA requires that GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices) are followed when cleaning food and process piping. Please make sure your mobile canner is able to follow through on their FDA GMP's.

Yes, those are CIP cups underneath our Codi fill heads that allow our CIP solutions to be recirculated from our CIP tank through all our process piping and back to the the CIP tank.

That is our CIP tank, there are two tanks that allow us to mix chemicals. We have enough CIP solution to recirculate through our product feed line (orange brewery hose), into the filler process pipes, completely fill the 16 gallon bowl, completely fill the product lines, the fill heads, the snift return lines, and the recirculation line back to the CIP. We even have about 5-10 gallons left in the tank to make sure we always have enough liquid to keep from pulling air into the lines during recirculation.

Please contact us at WilCraft Can to learn what makes us a truly different mobile canner.

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